The Pop Shop is your one-stop store for unique gifts, pop collectibles and cool memorabilia.

Many of our items pay tribute to icons in the fields of music, movies, stream TV, literature and gaming.

We'll stock other products, too, including homewares and tech accessories - if we believe they'll add value to your life.

Our prices are competitive to other gift stores on the net, so when it comes to shopping - for yourself or gifts for friends - we won't burst your bubble or break your bank.

Whether you're looking for a unique pair of comfy socks, cool set of coasters, nifty enamel pins, or framed film posters, we'll help you in your pop shopping venture.

Happy Browsing!

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Moonman & Whale @2x.jpg
Passport Holder - Burgundy Red @2x.jpg
Alice In Wonderland Pendant & Necklace -
Queen Elizabeth II - Combed Cotton Crew
Pea 00 Poppers @2x.jpg
The Godfather - Mini Music Box @2x.jpg
Banksy Red Heart Balloon - Canvas Print
Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar High - E
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